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GreenKey to Launch IOS and Android Apps GreenKey Technologies will launch a mobile device of its voice workspace platform for IOS and Android users. Next month the new app will offer full integration with GreenKey’s patented software and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network along with existing turrets (lines and hardware). The firm says that crucial, secure turret functionality will be available through the mobile app, including intercom connections with push-to-talk functionality. In addition, the app will include the ability to place outbound or accept incoming calls with full recording capability and transcription.
Hong Kong Official Highlights FinTech Game Changers FinTech, and in particular blockchain technology, is set to significantly change how banks operate, according to John Tsang, financial secretary for the Government of Hong Kong SAR. However, speaking at a Fintech briefing in New York today, he warned that some banks are ill-prepared for the changes that will be driven by this new technology. “Most of the bankers that I know are the people that are least prepared to deal with FinTech, they have no idea what blockchain is and blockchain is going to change their lives. They might not have a job, to put it in a more brutal way,” he said.
ThinkMarkets Teams Up with Cloud Platform Provider ThinkMarkets has launched a collaboration with VertexFX Cloud to offer wider access to ThinkMarkets’ liquidity platform. The agreement allows ThinkMarkets to offer traders VertexFX Cloud, a cloud-based trading platform, on a lease agreement. In a release issued today ThinkMarkets says that this will enable traders to avoid expensive setup fees as well as the ability to securely manage the platform from anywhere and on any device. ThinkMarkets currently claims to offer a full-suite solution with deep multi-asset liquidity, multiple trading platforms and technologies for institutional clients.
Redline to Support BrokerTec Market Redline Trading Solutions has announced that it will support BrokerTec Market. With the release of BrokerTec support, combined with previously announced support for eSpeed, Redline says that it will be able to provide its customers with a comprehensive solution for high-performance trading of on-the-run US Treasury products. “We see the fixed income market gearing up for a shift from voice and legacy electronic systems to high-performance trading solutions, much as we observed a similar transition in the foreign exchange market beginning several years ago,” says Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline.
Ion to Acquire Reval Ion Investment Group is to buy cloud-based treasury and risk management software solution provider Reval in a deal announced today, the terms of which were not disclosed.
LMAX Exchange Selects Metamako LMAX Exchange has selected Metamako to actively monitor all incoming and outgoing FX data in the firm's core matching engine system. LMAX is in the process of replacing its existing, passive fibre-optic based tapping solution with what Metamako calls its “more dynamic, active solution”. By implementing Metamako's devices in New York, the firm says LMAX will benefit from the ability to monitor, broadcast and replicate data feeds. In addition, the solution will also allow LMAX to re-patch its racks and servers dynamically.
ITG Integrates TCA Tool Into FX Connect ITG’s transaction cost analysis (TCA) product for FX is now integrated into the FX Connect trading platform. This means that institutional investors on the platform can now use FX Connect and ITG TCA for FX to measure and analyse their FX trading to help demonstrate best execution. The TCA product combines dealer, ECN and interbank market sources to provide a analysis covering spot, forward, swap, NDF and NDS transactions. “Accurate FX trading data is the foundation of effective FX TCA analysis. The seamless integration of a client’s data from FX Connect to ITG TCA combines our deep FX analysis capabilities with robust data from the best-in-class platform for complex foreign exchange workflows. This creates an easy to use, powerful and flexible solution for institutional traders,” says Ian Domowitz, managing director and head of analytics at ITG.
Saxo to Offer New Order Type Saxo Bank will launch a new order driven execution model for FX products and CFDs on commodities and indices in November. The new order type will allow Saxo to more actively manage the liquidity available to clients and the firm says it is “empowering” its clients, enabling them to take control of their trading. “In addition to offering executable prices, the new order model will include further enhancements to clients’ ability to have greater control and transparency over their orders,” the firm says.
EBS Live Ultra Officially Launched EBS BrokerTec has officially launched EBS Live Ultra, which it says is its fastest FX data product to date. The product, which was first unveiled in February 2016, has two data interval rates; 100 milliseconds, the same as the current EBS Live service but with lower latency, and a 20 milliseconds service, five times faster than the EBS Live data product. The move represents an attempt by EBS raise transparency levels for all market participants as well as to bolster liquidity provision on the EBS Market platform and support the maintenance of a continuous order book.
GTX to Launch London and Tokyo Matching Engines GTX plans to launch new a matching engine for its flagship ECN in London October 15, 2016, with a Tokyo-based matching engine to follow within 90 days. The new matching engines, along with GTX’s existing matching engine in New Jersey, will be accessible by clients connected to any of the three locations. The clients can then choose whether to interact only with local liquidity or to access the global order book. “This move has been driven by client demand, we had a lot of clients – particularly the more latency-sensitive clients – reach out and say that it would be more efficient for them to access liquidity locally.