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Asian Corporates Cite FX as Biggest Financial Risk Concern Asian corporates and CFOs cited FX risk as the financial risk that they are most concerned about, according to a new survey from Thomson Reuters and Asset Benchmark Research. In the report accompanying the research results, it notes that as ...
P&L Talk Series With Moises Michan Moises Michan, managing partner at Tanridge Capital, talks about the benefits of FX within a portfolio and explains how firms can benefit from more active hedging strategies Profit & Loss: How long has Tanridge Capital been trading now? Moises Michan: We started the firm about two years ago. We’re an FX-focused asset manager with three main products: alpha strategies, passive overlay and active overlay. P&L: Prior to this you were on the bank side, correct? MM: Yes, it was working on the bank side that I noticed a real gap in the FX market.