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ADS Securities Expands Prime of Prime Team ADS Securities has appointed Louisa Kwok as its head of prime of prime sales. Kwok, who officially started in her new position on August 8, is based in London and will report into ADS’s CEO, James Watson. The move comes ...
Lucera Launches Pre-Trade Credit, TCA Tools Lucera has launched two new products to complement their LumeFX platform The LumeFX credit service provides pre-trade credit monitoring that can be set up on a hierarchical basis to alert prime brokers, or clients of prime brokers that are also extending credit, when one of their clients is reaching their credit limit. “We’re getting a lot of traction in the prime-of-prime market with this product, following a shift in the industry where traditional prime brokers are not extending as much credit as they used to.
New Prime-of-Prime Service Launches in London A new London-based prime-of-prime service, Stater Global Markets, has launched today, with former Citi, IG and Integral executive Ramy Soliman appointed as CEO. The FCA-regulated brokerage is seeking to capitalise on the fact that many traditional prime brokers (PBs) have either pulled out of this segment of the market completely or have reduced the number of firms that they are willing to provide services to, leaving a gap in the market for prime-of-prime to potentially fill. “Risk appetite and credit appetite at the traditional prime brokers has contracted post-SNB
Room for Numerous Prime Services Models in FX Louisa Kwok, head of prime of prime sales and products at ADS Securities London, explains to Profit & Loss deputy editor, Galen Stops, why there’s room for numerous different prime services models in the FX market. With many of the traditional FX prime brokers (PBs) being increasingly selective about who they will offer their services to, this has created a gap in the market that many firms appear eager to fill. Subsequently, numerous prime services offerings are being touted to market participants under the banner of prime-of-prime.